About Xesibe Holdings

Xesibe Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a socially grounded advisory, content development and facilitation firm founded by development economist, columnist, speaker, radio personality and policy analyst Ayabonga Cawe in 2016 o Our mission is to offer impactful, professional and efficient services that are geared to delivering value and building trust between us and our clients. Our work is to not only embolden our clients to make better decisions but also to communicate their work and those decisions to multiple audiences.

Xesibe Holdings


Increasingly, corporations, civil society organizations and government seek out specialized advice to arrive at informed, evidence based and impact driven decision making in areas of economic and organizational development.

Xesibe Holdings


Xesibe Holdings provides speaking, facilitation, training and workshop services in the areas of economic policy, empowerment, innovation and enterprise development.

Xesibe Holdings


Xesibe Holdings provides visual communication services that assist corporations in building their corporate identity. These services range from branding design, art direction, digital marketing and integrated campaigns.