Our investment philosophy is to seed early stage initiatives aligned to our core service

To unlock synergies and potential opportunities for scale, asset sharing and value realization.

Makwande Photography is a multi-visual content development platform providing services
ranging from photography and videography, through to graphic design, digital marketing
and copywriting. These services are offered to clients to individual, corporate and public
sector clients.

Makwande Website
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Tulip Photography is a high-end imagery and photography platform, specializing in
maternity, newborn, baby milestone and family photography. Tulip captures key memories,
milestones and significant moments in your baby and your family’s life.

Tulip Photography Website

Iziko Connect is a public Wi-Fi network, insights and digital marketing platform with
operations in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Iziko is a social enterprise (fully owned by
Xesibe Holdings) providing connectivity to communities and digital marketing and strategy
services for enterprises looking to communicate with these communities.

Iziko Connect Website