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Disruptive Natives

Follow our show where we profile people who are doing incredible and game-changing work in their respective fields

Disruptive Natives (S01E10) – Same Mduli & Art That Matters 14:34

In our tenth episode, we spoke to Same Mdluli, Curator and Manager at the Standard Bank Art Gallery.

Disruptive Natives (S01E09) – Laughter, Connectivity & Access with ‘Ama’Dyan’. 10:31

In episode nine, we caught up with a collective of comedians, skit-makers and content creators, called AMA-DYAN. The group consists of Fash the Minister, Ta Fire and Bergie Fresh.

Disruptive Natives (S01E08) – Hulisani Ravele 11:03

In our eighth episode we caught up with multi-talented Hulisani Ravele, who spoke to us about her journey in the world of media and broadcasting, from her early days as YoTV presenter, to now running her own production company.

Disruptive Natives (S01E07) – Laughter, Connectivity & Access with ‘Ama’Dyan’. 14:34

In the seventh episode of Disruptive Natives we have an enlightening conversation with Palesa on the psychology of retailers, how they interact with consumers in the retail space.

Disruptive Natives (S01E06) – Zuko Mapoma 13:58

In this episode, we caught up with enchanting vocalist and activist, Zuko from Zuko Collective (ZuCo). She speaks about her music, the creative process, the music industry, the role of music in activism and local struggles and her dreams.

Disruptive Natives (S01E05) -Edward Mini, Recollections from The 1985 Consumer Boycott 09:53

In episode five, we watch a snippet from a documentary by Ayabonga Cawe exploring the “Consumer Boycott ” that happened in Mlungisi Queenstown in the 1980s.

Disruptive Natives (S01E04) – Percy Mabandu on Art, History & Jazz 14:34

In this fourth episode of Disruptive Natives we caught up with award winning journalist, art historian, activist and renaissance man, Percy Mabandu. He speaks about resistance through art, beauty, elegance and jazz.

Disruptive Natives (S01E03) – Dudu Mkhwanazi, Project Isizwe & The Battle for Internet Access 13:10

In episode three, we caught up with Dudu Mkhwanazi, the CEO of Project Isizwe, a digital advocacy organization. We spoke about universal internet access, spectrum policy, transformation of the ICT sector and partnerships to broaden access to information.

Disruptive Natives (S01E02) -Forgotten Livelihoods 05:50

In episode two, we speak to the informal traders, agricultural scientists, the unemployed and agriculture co-operatives in the Alfred Nzo District, an area with abundant land. Forgotten as it sometimes maybe by some, this is a story of how those living in the area eke out an existence in trying circumstances

Disruptive Natives (S01E01) – Thesis Lifestyle 04:33

In the first episode of ‘Disruptive Natives’ we speak to Wandile Zondo, co-founder of Thesis Lifestyle, a fashion and lifestyle concept store based in Mofolo Village, Soweto. Wandile speaks to us about his business journey, the Thesis Run crew and how they are painting a different image of contemporary youth culture.